Review of the thesis

In our life, we very often meet with reviews. Reviews can be on books, films. They help us quickly decide whether or not to read a particular book, watch this or that film. They are written by people who have already read or looked at this or that work. Sometimes Read more…

By Wayne Jensen, ago
The phraseology

The phraseology of a scientific study

The phraseology of a scientific, dissertational study presupposes the use of such combinations of words as “based on the data obtained”, “summarizing all that mentioned above”, “as analysis showed,” “it follows from here.” In the text of the thesis complex sentences of various kinds with clear syntactic connections are used Read more…

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Discussion of the thesis

The department where the thesis is being carried out keeps a record of the thesis’s work, periodically submits for discussion to track applicant’s progress of work. In such early discussions, the author himself is extremely interested, as he receives comments and advice in the process of working on the thesis. Read more…

By Wayne Jensen, ago