Discussion of the thesis

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The department where the thesis is being carried out keeps a record of the thesis’s work, periodically submits for discussion to track applicant’s progress of work. In such early discussions, the author himself is extremely interested, as he receives comments and advice in the process of working on the thesis. Initially, you can ask help from service essay writing, where the specialists will help you to find the common mistakes. At each discussion, comments and better prepositions are made. This should be treated quite normally and calmly. It should be borne in mind that the remarks may not always be legitimate (for various reasons).

It is important to note all the remarks on the thesis, wherever and by whomever they speak out, accurately record and carefully analyze. If the remark is even only 5% of the truth, you still need to keep this in mind, it’s better to be safe than to save an error, an inaccuracy in the dissertation. But, it is clear that it is impossible to take into account all the observations in full, if only because they sometimes contradict one another. If for each remark to rush from side to side, the logic and integrity of the work will be violated. All the forces should be directed to those comments that will improve the thesis. The thesis is respected if he defends and maintains his own research position.

Participation in scientific symposia

Participation in scientific symposiums should become for the author the most important part, first, scientific growth, and secondly, approbation of the research material that is being developed for the thesis. Of course, one should not “chase” every conference, but the more the scientific symposia the researcher will participate in, the more he will gain knowledge, scientific and practical experience, and sharpen fighting qualities.

Approbation of dissertational research

On the approbation of the research conducted, the dissertator should take care immediately after the approval of the topic of the dissertation. Already the definition of the topic and the development of its structure make it possible to expound a certain material, personal views of the researcher. It must be borne in mind that there need not be a publication in the collection of speeches at the conference; you can specify that the material is prepared for a specific conference and passed to its organizers.

Participation and presentation of a thesis at scientific symposiums are necessary for the acquisition of new qualities – a public speaker, “fighting qualities”. Here skills are developed that will be very useful in defending a thesis: keeping within the allotted time, correctly arranging and submitting material in order to “keep” the audience, skillfully answer the questions asked, participate in discussions on some issues, disagree with the speakers. You need to use every opportunity to approbate the research. In this case, it is important to actively conduct yourself at the department, the scientists of which form their opinion about the graduate student.